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For more than a decade, I've helped to grow businesses of all sizes across many industries. Whether as a full-time employee, ongoing account management, one-off account builds, or growth consultations each business presented a unique set of challenges that has help me grow as a marketer.

"When I think of performance marketing, I think of Evan Waters. He is clearly one of the top minds when it comes to SEM and is the guy you want by your side to grow a business."

Colin Gardiner, Vice President

Full List of Consulting Work



Food Delivery

  • Door Dash (USA) - IPO'd $16B

  • DeliveryHero (Global)

  • iFood (South America)

  • Swiggy (India)

  • Mr. Delivery (South Africa)

  • Cater Cow (USA)



  • OLX (Global)

  • Avito (Russia)

  • Winnie (USA)

  • Joymode (USA)

  • Standvirtual (Portugal)

Health Care

  • Human DX (USA)

  • Zencare (USA)

  • Health Sherpa (USA)

  • Serenis (Italy)


Real Estate​--Having jobs as a real estate marketing consultant as well as an in-house lead, I know the consumer playbook. I've helped with real estate marketing automation, trained specialists, and managed agencies.

FinTech and Crypto

Information Services


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