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Health Sherpa Launches Networks & Targeting to Drive Record Enrollments

Finding and comparing health insurance plans can be overwhelming for those needing to purchase. Many spend hours researching. The rest may be susceptible to less thoughtful and informed decisions. Policies grew even muddier when President Obama's Affordable Health Care act rolled out to the US public. In a confusing industry, health insurance companies find it challenging to reach consumers while consumers encounter a web to untangle.


We noticed that many of Health Sherpa's website visitors had complicated and varied journeys. Getting to know our user, we knew to reach them, we would have to be present across devices, platforms, and ad units.


Health Sherpa boosts ad visibility launching multiple networks

We determined that the Bing customer demographic could be a terrific fit. Still, Google offered the most reach and, consequently, an advantage around platform speed and testing velocity—critical factors in driving channel-wide ROI. Taking a staggered approach, we launched across both networks and across multiple ad units to supercharge visibility.


"He put together a successful paid acquisition campaign in a very short time, with minimal direction from us. Evan is the rare marketer who can both architect an overall strategy and do the detail-oriented operational work."

—Ning Liang, Co-founder at HealthSherpa


For example, we ran tests and applied the learnings from one network to the other, rolling out what worked best while being responsive to the nuances of each placement.


Health Sherpa get an ROI boost from targeting

With the insurance application deadline approaching and with less brand budget than insurance behemoths, we knew we had to use direct response retargeting to reach those consumers who hadn't yet enrolled. Though we were already running retargeting on Google, we chose AdRoll to help us reach insurance seekers on Facebook. As a result, we reached users across all devices on the platforms they were most likely to use.


networks launched


below CPA target


regions targeted

About Health Sherpa
  • Health Sherpa makes comparing health plans, including Obamacare, easy and painless.

  • Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


Growth Goals
  • Maximize number of health care enrollments

  • Drive profitable ROAS in first account launch

  • Launch across multiple search networks to drive volume

  • Leverage targeting multipliers to improve efficiency

  • Understand customer journey to bid to maximum effectiveness

  • Record number of enrollments

  • CPA below target by 54%

  • 3 ad networks launched in 2 weeks

Because of the policy differences and varied consumer demographics state-to-state, layering in region-specifics bids and ad creative ensured efficient spend and increased conversions.

Evan's strategy drove growth of the brand's paid acquisition efforts, and his role in delivering full-stack, multi-channel performance let the rest of the team focus on other areas. "Evan is great at what he does," said George Kalogeropoulos, CEO of Health Sherpa. "He single-handedly generated results in a highly competitive space that were better than multiple professional agencies we hired."

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