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San Sebastian del Oeste Jalisco, Mexico

San Sebastian del Oeste Entrance.jpg
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In March 2020, I visited San Sebastian del Oeste for 2 nights.

It takes about 2 hours to get to San Sebastian from downtown Puerto Vallarta. The drive can be quite stunning as you pass through the mountains and catch glimpse of agave farms and valleys on each side of the road. We even made a pitstop at a local tequilla and raicilla distillery for a sample and shopping.


We stayed at La Galertia de San Sebastian. We were told by the employee at the San Sebastian del Oeste Turismo office that this was the best hotel in town.

San Sebastian is designated as a "pueblo magico" which seems to be an official designation given by the Mexican government. The town certainly has a bit of a magical vibe as its a few hundred years old.

When we asked locals to Puerto Vallarta what is there to do in San Sebastian the answer was mostly "relajarse" or "relax. This was an apt description as there isn't a ton to do.


We filled one day by renting an ATV to do a self-guided drive up to La Bufa. Originally, I was thinking about hiking up the mountain but wisely followed my girlfriend's advice to rent a 'quattro moto'. La Bufa was a bit disappointing but at that altitude, it is possible to see Puerto Vallarta from the top. At La Bufa's entrance there was a man with a sign charging 20 pesos to continue on the trail. Far from official but not wanting any confrontation, I paid the man his nature bribe. 

On the way back down from La Bufa we stopped at an abandoned mine. We didn't venture too far in as it quickly gets dark and their isn't really a trail per se.

Back in town, restaurants close very early (~6:00PM). There is one absolutely amazing restaurant Jardin Nebulosa. 

Jardin Nebulosa grows their own food, raises their own meat, brews their own beer, and distills their own raicilla. The environment is sexy and tranquil, the service was friendly without being overbearing, and the food was unique and delicious. We even tried the worm and cricket nachos!

We did see some tour groups come in (likely from Puerto Vallarta) full of mostly older folk. These day-trippers definitely miss the magical vibes of the pueblo at night.

San Sebastian del Oeste Town Square.jpg
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