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Hotel Acantilado, Tehuamixtle Jalisco

Hotel Acantilado Mexico View.jpg
Hotel Acantilado Mexico Sunset View.jpg

Just a 3 hour taxi or uber from downtown Puero Vallarta, you will arrive at Hotel Acantilado in Tehua. When we visited in March 2020 (pre-Coronavirus) we were one of just a handful of rooms that were occupied.

The hotel feels like it is brand new. The two pools don't show signs of wear, the rooms are cleaned daily and well-maintained.

The hotel room came with breakfast each morning. Complimentary was a coffee, juice, and a variety of traditional Mexican breakfast foods like huevos rancheros. The coffee was super delicious and the breakfast was filling and given the small size of the town it was a luxury to have such a diverse food offering.

One of my favorite parts of the hotel was the view of the bay at Tehuamixtle. It was a delight waking up each morning, opening up the sliding door and seeing a fantastic view of the fisherman coming in with their daily haul. Also awesome seeing the sunset each day with an afternoon cerveza!

In some reviews of the hotel, former guests complain about many stairs. While there certainly are some stairs, we didn't find them too tough.

Two other features of Hotel Acantilado stuck out to me.


First, they offer room service and pool service throughout the day. The menu again is diverse ranging from pizza and crepes to beers and frozen margaritas.

The second perk of staying at the hotel is that they have dedicated chairs and umbrellas down the beach. It was nice knowing that we wouldn't have to bring chairs with us nor take them home at the end of the day.

If you get tired of the pool and the beach the hotel has some grounds to explore. It seems that they are busy planting food, vegetables, and lush jungle life. There's plenty of ocean hiking around with scenic views. We attempted to find El Faro Tehuamixtle (a lighthouse on the map) but turned back as it was too hot and the trail wasn't particularly well-mapped.

Tehua is super special, I'd definitely come back to this amazing Jalisco boutique hotel!

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