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Tehuamixtle "Tehua" Jalisco, Mexico

In March 2020, I visited Tehuamixtle Jalisco for five days with my girlfriend. Locally known as "Tehua", this small fishing village is well off "the beaten path"

From Puerto Vallarta it takes around 3 hours to get to Tehua. The route may be familiar to some with experience traveling to the Bay of Bandera--start by heading south out of Puerto Vallarta, pass by Boca de Tomatlan, follow signs to El Tuito, then continue to follow signs to Mayto. Mayto is ~30 minute walk or 10 minute car ride away.


We were able to take an Uber all the way to Tehua which was a way more comfortable and flexible experience then taking the bus to a taxi. I recall the full ride being about $50-60 USD and worth every penny.

Along the route, we decided to stop in El Tuito for lunch which was a welcome stop for a margarita and delicious enchiladas.

Tehua itself is idyllic and small. There are at least 3 restaurants in the pueblo and all serve the same thing more or less. Despite the internet research to say otherwise, we thought the best restaurant was the one on the beach. It was cheaper by about 30%, felt more familiar, served drinks and food on the beach, AND brought out many shots of raicilla when they heard it was my birthday--feliz cumpleanos a mi!

There's not much to do in the pueblo besides relax on the beach and eat which was fine by us.


We stayed at Hotel Acantilado which may be one of the best small village hotels in the country. We debated staying here or down the road at Hotel Mayto or Hotel Rinconcito. The thing that one the day is that Tehua's beach is really calm while Mayto had thunderous waves. As an experienced swimmer, Mayto was daunting. On the other hand, I'd feel comfortable with a toddler swimming in Tehua.

Besides being calm, the beach or "La Playa Tehuamixtle" is clean and 100% devoid of beach hawkers or folks disrupting the day offering items for sale.

Even though we stayed in Tehua, one evening we walked from Tehua to Mayto Beach.

Within the pueblo of Tehua there is a church (we saw a service), 3-4 abarrotes which are small stores selling beers and packaged goods, and not much else. There was no pharmacy in town but things like Pepto-Bismol could be found in the abarrotes.

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