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San Cristanto Mexico Transportation

Getting Around in San Cristanto MX

Because of the price of gas, locals tend to drive motorcycles and stuff one or two extra passengers on the front or rear depending on the size of the passenger.

As a tourist, you’ll want to have rented a car. We were not able to get a rental but were absolutely relieved when our waiter from La Milpa de Valerio hopped on his bicycle to ask his friend Sharky who owned a moto-taxi if he was available. Sure enough, Sharky came picked us up within a few minutes saving us a sunburn-inducing walk home. sa procure a moto taxi by calling and .


He’s a happy guy and sports some stylish necklaces. His moto-taxi could fit 3-4 adults comfortably though we saw many more locals crammed in to similar size vehicles throughout the trip.


Best yet, he charges a fair price. When he took us from San Cristano to Telchac Puerto, a 7 km drive, it costs us just 80 Mexican pesos or about $4 USD.

In the future, I'll have Sharky's number saved (+99 11-02-40-16) to whatsapp or SMS him when a ride is needed.

Getting to Progreso from San Cristanto

San Cristano Mexico moto-taxi driver Sharky, always available for a ride.

By car, it will take close to an hour to get from San Cristanto to Progreso. There are no ubers available in San Cristanto (as of January 2019) and even if you try to schedule one the application will say that they are not yet servicing this area of Mexico. 

There is one bus daily that goes from San Cristanto around 10-11AM to Progreso and returns from Progresso back to San Cristanto at 2:00 PM sharp. We were told by a local that it costs less than 15 pesos.

Note that if you make it to Progreso it is possible to take an uber back to San Cristanto. This will cost approximately 450-600 pesos.

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