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San Cristanto Restaurants

La Milpa de Valerio

To be honest, La Milpa de Valerio was not our first choice for a restaurant in San Cristanto. We first tried going to La Renita just one block away but it was closed for the day. All is well that ends well so we trekked on.

When we got there at around 12:30 PM on a January weekday, we were the only table. The ambiance is fairly common for the area--open-air, white plastic table and chairs, painted cement, and family-owned. La Milpa stood out though  by some music playing a nice mix of Mexican and raggaeton.


There were also two small children playing throughout the restaurant (I imagine they are part of the family that owns the restaurant and lives adjacent to it) and were a pleasant diversion to watch play as we waited for the meal.


Getting to La Milpa de Valerios

La Milpa is on one of the main drag in San Cristanto otherwise known locally as a "carretera". Walking (with breaks) on the beach in the hot, sweltering sun took us approximately two hours from Telchac Puerto, the first town directly west of San Cristanto. The restaurant is near the beach just a couple blocks back from the playa.

If La Milpa is a great stop if you are heading to the San Cristanto Mangroves either before or after.

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Michelada and  XX Lager for lunch at la Milpa de valerio in san cristano mexico

La Milpa de Valerio Menu


La Milpa offered the standard menu of the Yucatan coast. That is, whole fried fish by the kilo, fish fillets, ceviche, and seafood cocktails. It was, however, the only restaurant in the area that we saw offering a green salad and after a week without vegetables the mix of romaine, tomatoes, cilantro, onion, and peppers certainly hit the spot.

Before the food arrived, the waiter brought out a plate of boatanos to accompany our drinks. The botano offering was one of the most disappointing of the trip—simply three plates with potato chips, chicharonas, and peanuts.

There was no liquor was available so we opted for a XX Lager and a Michelada. The Michelada was served in a nice, large glass, but the ratio of juice to beer seemed off.

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