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From Tehuamixtle To Mayto And Back

Staying in Tehuamixtle for a few days, we wanted to see something new and had our eyes set on Mayto Beach.

Because we didn't have a car, uber is not available, and there aren't any taxis in the area we decided we would walk from Tehua to Mayto.


It's about a 30 minute walk and it's difficult to get lost. The most challenging part of the walk is the first 100 meters to leave the village of Tehua. While the walk surely could be done in sandals, we were thankful for our sneakers.

There isn't a ton to see or do on the walk and there aren't any businesses or tiendas until you get to the edge of Mayto. You'll know that you are getting close when you see a bunch of signs advertising for Hotel Mayto, Hotel El Rinconcito, Rando Sol y Mar, and some vacation rentals.

In Mayto we participated in a turtle release or "liberacion de tortuga" and followed it by grabbing dinner and drinks at Hotel Riconcito. With a few tequillas in the system we were ready for the walk back to Tehua. Though it was dark we had flashlights and headlamps.

When we shared our plan with the owner of Hotel Riconcito she strongly advised us against walking home saying it wasn't safe. She said it's not people you need to watch out for its all the animal life. We were told it's not uncommon for a black leopard to emerge at night with snakes also posing danger.

Stranded, the owner gave us a ride home along with some of her staff who she was dropping at home after their shift and we really appreciated it.

The drive back takes about 10 minutes.

Another option to get between Tehuamixtle and Mayto is to ride bikes. Hotel Acantilado had quite a few and would likely rent them out to non-hotel guests.

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