Mobile Growth Summit 2018

I've recently been selected to speak at Mobile Growth Summit 2018 in San Francisco! It is still unclear whether I will be speaking on February 7 or 8, but I'm unbelievably honored to speak alongside some of the great minds in marketing, advertising, and growth.

Keyword Segmentation, Word Order and Speaking Your Customer's Language

One of the most overlooked areas of segmentation for PPC and SEO professionals is around query word order. A few years ago I worked with one of the largest real estate portals in the world. As a paid media manager my job’s primary focus was to increase the number of leads sent to our real estate agents. After all, the more leads our agents received the more likely they would continue to pay to list homes and apartments on our site. New to the industry, I often peeked into the search query report to gain insights into how users thought about the home procurement process. It was pretty clear that users searched for real estate in one consistent way—that is, {property type} + city. For example,

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