1 Simple Way to Lower Cost per Lead with Facebook Ads

Today I was featured in an article on databox on how to lower cost per lead from facebook ads! Here's my tip: 4. …But don’t go too niche It’s easy to be specific with the people you’re showing your campaigns to. However, Evan Waters explains that “oftentimes advertisers define their audience too narrowly and their unit costs increase as a result.”

Marketing Management Analytics

For years, marketers have been getting away with budget murder. While other teams tie headcount and resources to outcomes, marketers have been allowed to justify big budgets based on feel, sentiment, awareness, among others. These goals are then validated by equally difficult to understand concepts like: Cost per view Number of fans Millions, no....BILLIONS of reader impressions Top Marketing Management Priority: Tie every marketing dollar to a specific business outcome. Ultimately, all marketing initiatives should ladder up to some business outcome. The most common business goals are: Profits (for profitable companies) Revenue (for pre-profit companies) Users (for pre-revenue companies) Awa

Marketing Management for Executives: 8 Questions to Ask Frontline Managers

The ways of allocating resources and measuring marketing results have evolved greatly over the past decade. As the marketing landscape and best practices shift beneath executives’ feet, those that rely on antiquated methodologies will see their value diminish. All told, managing marketing programs is no easy task for executives. Smart marketing management necessitates asking the right questions to frontline managers and demanding quantifiable results which directly tie to business outcomes. In support of executive teams, here’s a set of questions for which executives must demand answers to resource marketing programs effectively: Is the channel click-based or view-based? Click based channels

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