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Improving E-Commerce Conversion Rates

Thrilled that I was recently included as the top tip from Databox's article on 26 Ways to Improve Ecommerce Conversion.

Here's the excerpt:

Before we dive into the tips you can use to maximize each source’s conversion rate, Evan Waters thinks you should “remember to segment each traffic source by the device before prioritizing which to work on.”

“For example, within search, when there is an influx of mobile traffic overall conversion rates may look like they are declining when, in fact, it’s just the device mix shifting.”

“Before sounding any alarms, work to understand the nuances of the incoming traffic. Otherwise, you may think a channel is performing poorly when really the results are simply weighted to a poor-performing device,” Waters adds.

Without fail, segmenting traffic by device is the very first step I take when trying to analyze fluctuations in e-commerce conversion rate. It doesn't matter if it is Facebook, Google, YouTube, or Twitter--broadly speaking, device shifts are what drives most fluctuations.



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