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2017 PPC Trends You Need To Know

In 2017 you will see smart organizations waking up to the need to compete on customer journey from both an access and measurement perspective. In many competitive verticals, companies are reaching both price and feature parity and it is becoming more difficult to win on the superiority of a single customer touchpoint.

Broadly across high-growth markets we find businesses focusing more on attribution models and longer horizons of lifetime value to support sustainable cross-channel growth. With very few instances of an “app only” strategy working at scale, smart marketers are engaging with users on the users’ terms — be it with in-browser push via progressive web apps, personalized email campaigns for high value desktop users, rich-media push for core app cases, or SMS for those pesky push opt-outs.

Not only do companies need to provide delightful experiences across all available touchpoints, they need to appropriate value aptly for the cross-platform, cross-device world for which they develop. In doing so, the marketer drives efficient spend and find pockets of growth that their last-click competitors are blind to.

Ultimately, businesses with sophisticated measurement and lengthier win-back windows can afford to bid higher and drive more scale. Nowhere is this truer than in markets characterized by low-spec smartphones, high app uninstall rate, and spotty internet connections, where finding high value users is sometimes like looking for a needle in a haystack.

First published in Search Engine Journal

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