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2020 Content Marketing Prediction

Today I was honored to be included in a Content Marketing Institute roundup of content marketing predictions for the upcoming year. I couldn't help but think of video:

The adoption of video as the preferred medium of content should accelerate in 2020. On the other hand, the “10,000-word answer” to simple queries will fall out of favor. Those that seed video content thoughtfully from a brand, referral, and link-back perspective will enjoy outsized benefits.

When I reflect back on 2019 and the companies I've worked with video continues to be a struggle from a resourcing, measurement, and strategy perspective.

Marketing teams tend to fall in to these buckets (and some fall in to multiple):

  • Produce too little content

  • Spend too frugal a budget

  • Measure it with too small a time horizon

  • Evaluate based on too many vanity metrics

  • Assign too junior employees to manage performance

  • Expect too great of performance too quickly

  • Overspend too much on production


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