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Mother's Day Marketing: 6 Marketing Initiatives Every E-Commerce Team Should Review

E-Commerce Players Re-Evaluate Mother's Day Strategy

Given the increased search behavior this year for Mother's Day gifts, e-commerce players looking to maximize sales this holiday should review their strategy. Sales repercussions of poorly forecasted holidays can be the difference between achieving a bonus or not.

6 Marketing Initiatives Every E-Commerce Team Should Review This Mother's Day Season

  1. Prepare Shipping Department for Increased Order Volume. Having a Mother's Day gift arrive a day too late is a fatal blow to your customer relationship. If you miss delivery by May 14, don't anticipate that customer purchasing from you ever again.

  2. Adjust Remarketing Budgets. Remarketing, particularly using dynamic product ads, is one of the most effective ways of converting customers. Ensure there is enough budget available to close the sale with potential customers who are at the check out finish line.

  3. Change Promotion Timelines. In the case that this year is an anomaly, that is, instead of an increase in total demand we are merely experiencing a shift in demand to earlier preparation, consider starting promotions immediately. At best, the promotion will capture heightened demand for a longer period of time. At worst, the promotion will help prevent a disappointing peak in demand that has merely shifted forward.

  4. Ensure Product Feeds Are Healthy. As marketing becomes more feed-based, advertisers need to work closely with

technology teams to be confident that all products available for sale are also available in their product feed. Given Google's PLA product now earns the majority of retail budgets, feed maintenance is a priority. Consider early testing of "Mother's Day" copy in the titles of specific item types to increase click-through rate of the ads.

  1. Review Radius Bidding Targets. An early shopping window means that there is more time to get the mother's day gifts to the recipient in time for the holiday. If feasible, extend the geographies that are being advertised to. Also, test the value proposition of cheaper or free shipping for buying early, which may be as effective as discounting in increasing conversion but less costly to the company's bottom line.

  2. Actively Target and Monitor Conversion Volume by Gender. Pair gender-specific creative with appropriate bids based on likeliness to convert to maximize sales. Personalizing creative, time and again, delivers outsized gains.

As the wise man, Benjamin Franklin once said, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." Thanks to forecasting with Google Trends, it is inexcusable for any e-commerce company to be caught off guard by heightened consumer demand around the holiday season.

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